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PSP is my world, need I say more :) If you would like to reach me regarding my tutorials and other things then I will be glad to answer them, but please no spam emails thank you. E-mail me at cookiezkreationz@yahoo.com. I wanna thank Nikki from Killer Kitty Scraps for making my really cute blog layout, thank you hun!
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My 2012 New Year's Masks

Hope you like 'em :)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creatively Scrappin First Blog Train On It's Route

Creatively Scrappin First Blog Train just took off
I  present to you "Christmas Presents Blog Train"
Here is my part for the train.. choo choo...

Click on the previews to start downloading :) 
Happy Holidays!




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Monday, November 21, 2011

~My Animations for Creatively Scrappin Blogtrain ~

Here are the previews:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Diehard Sexy"

Supplies Needed:
Tube/Close up of Choice - © Verymany
Please visit www.picsfordesign.com to purchase the same image, or use another
tube/close up that you have available

Template by Melissaz Creationz :Template 84-87
Mask - Any mask of your choice
Scrapkit  I'm using is "It's a Misfits Thing" Exclusive kit by Addictive Pleasures
But you can use any kit you wish.

Open your template
Now set your canvas size to 600 x 600
Add in a transparent background layer
In your Materials Palette
Make a Foreground/Background gradient using two colors from the tube
Floodfill  the transparent layer with the colors of your tube.
Next your going to load your mask

Pick a mask of your liking and apply 
Then click your masked layer you have applied
Click Merge > Merge Group
At this point remember to save your project often please.
It's time to colorize your elements of your template  
At this point you haven't added any scrap elements yet, but trust me it will still look good, with or without scraps.

Go to your Adjustment tab, click on your Hue > Colorization 
Pick the colors that best fit your tube.
And click ok
Then duplicate
and then click the original layer
on the same layer
Your going to use Gaussin Blur set it at 6.0
and click ok

Next step click on your duplicate layer, and
Change the Blend mode to the soft light effect.

Do the same to the other element on the template.
If you have scrap kit in mind you can arrange it anywhere to your liking, and just have fun.
Open your tube you have chosen
Make sure its sized to your liking 
Then you copy and paste into your template.
Apply drop shadow to this tube to your liking.

Apply any word art you wish, I made mine up :)
Add your Artist and taggers copyright info, and your license.

Save as .PNG

And enjoy!
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PC coming soon :)

Yes I almost have it here :).. saturday morning woohooo
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fixing to work on my site while i got some down time from psp world

So for some whoa re wondering where i went, no i didn't fall off the world, my life has been a little topsy turvie, and just trying to work things out with my life.  Not everything in life can be easy, but I try. 
My pc caught a nasty flu, and windows isn't opening up for me to try to fix it.  So needless to say I cannot do anything to save it.  Its gonna be fixed whenever i have money to fix it, find someone to fix it, or end up buying a new one, because its just that bad.  :(  So if any of you wondered why, thats why.  I'm still where I am just a new address, but no new pc. :(  Your welcome to upgrade my pc for me :D.... 
So hopefully I can find a way to play around in the psp world if I can't make any signatures..for now..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My word art, feeling Lost, hope you like :D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Umbrella Template :D

Available for download at Siggy Showdown Blog HERE
or yu can grab the PSP version here
Monday, May 9, 2011

Here's what i did with my enchanted template

Using the beautiful work by Elias Chatzoudis-www.elias-design.gr, you can purchase his artwork at www.psptubesemporium.com.
The gorgoues scrapkit I used is by ©Jane Anderson Bello Scarto/Beautiful Scraps you can view her blog here http://belloscarto.blogspot.com and head on over to Stargazer Scraps  here to purchase Bello_Per Sempre Tua Kit I used :).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lookie what I made from my Supernatuarl Template :)

I love Michael Calandra's Artwork you can purchase his PTU artwork at www.mypsptubes.com .

Monday, May 2, 2011

My latest Template to play with

Hope you like :) click Here to get it.


My Supernatural Template

You can find my template HERE , enjoy! :D


My first template ever done and shared :D

It's located at the Creative Misfits Blog, click here to find my template "Enchanted to meet you" and many other templates :D Enjoy!


Showing off a few tags I've started

Using the beautiful work by Misticheskaya, you can purchase her artwork at www.picsfordesign.com.
The gorgoues scrapkit I used is by ©Diane Knight of Candy's Treats you can view her blog here www.candystreats.blogspot.com and head on over to Stargazer Scraps here to purchase her Twisted Fairytale Kit I used :).



I Promise to add tuts to a few when I have the time, please be patient with me. Thank you.

Hey Welcome to my Dezignz

First of all I like to go by Cookies, because I originally started as i♥cookies when I began designing signatures few years back, so the name just stuck with me, and I like it that way.  First thing I want to say I don't cook, my blog is not about recipes, it's about signatures and designs.  And I'm here to offer templates to whom ever wants to use them, and masks when I get the time to do them, and possible tutorials coming soon, just be a little patient with me while I get things set up. 

Thank you.



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